School Visits

Food Bug Club has been visiting schools in and around Manchester and Sheffield – each day has typically included lessons for years 7 – 11’s (depending on availability). The following lists some of the activities that we cover:

  • Completion of the Food Safety Challenge
  • Feedback and discussion of the issues seen in the Food Safety Challenge
  • Use of various resources to explore the 4 C’s
  • Food Safety Quiz online, in teams or as a class
  • Use of the Micro Trumps with supporting foodbugclub facts

Feedback from recent visits

“The whole lesson was well planned, had good pace and was well resourced to enable students to actively participate. The students have remarked about the information given to them since, especially when we did the lesson on Chicken wings and chicken kebabs. They have retained the information given to them and are able to apply this in new situations – what more could you ask for.

I found Caroline to be really knowledgeable and approachable and I was really happy with the quality of the teaching, the website is a bonus and will help us to educate more pupils in food safety.”

Jayne Charity – Winsford Academy

“I have used Caroline and the Food Safety Challenge a few times now with different age groups and it is always received well. Its a great tool to engage younger pupils and get them to think about their own practices. It also worked brilliantly as a revision session for GCSE pupils too. The micro trumps always go down well, invoking some really interesting conversations and questions, during the session as well as in lessons weeks after! I would highly recommend and will be continuing to use Caroline and the Food Safety Challenge myself.”

Stacy Riseborough – Firth Park Academy

Based in or near Sheffield or Manchester?

We can visit schools in, or near Sheffield and Manchester, to help your students take The Food Safety Challenge – contact us today!

The lesson is conducted by Dr Caroline Millman, a STEM Ambassador.

Please contact Caroline to enquire or make arrangements.