MicroTrumps is a new resource devised by Chilled Education and developed for online play by the University of Manchester. Each MicroTrump card depicts a food-borne microorganism.

There are 2 online MicroTrump games:

MicroTrumps Quiz

The MicroTrump cards feature in a quiz of five rounds. A question is asked and the player has to select the correct answer from three MicroTrump cards presented. Feedback is given after each answer and a final score is produced for the student.

Play this individually or in groups using the interactive whiteboard.

MicroTrumps game

MicroTrump Dump

With thanks to The Cookery Teacher we have developed a resource called MicroTrump Dump.

Players familiarise themselves with the MicroTrumps. In response to a series of questions about the microorganisms shown, players turn over cards until only one card remains.

Feedback and interesting facts are provided throughout the exercise.

MicroTrumps game

Students become familiar with the names of major helpful and harmful microbes, and the factors that affect microbial growth and threaten food safety. This can be done using the original cards and resource notes or the new online version.

Select the long or short version of the exercise and either play individually or in groups using the interactive whiteboard.

Play short version Play long version

These games give students an opportunity to play individually, and at the same time provide teachers with ideas of how to use the resources.

Do you have any examples of how you use the MicroTrumps in your lesson plans? If so, we’d love to hear from you – please contact us.