Food Bug Club

Food Bug Club has been developed by The University of Manchester in association with partners Chilled Education and the Food Teachers Centre.

The site brings together inspiring (free!) food safety classroom resources for food and science teachers as well as providing a platform for new material as it is developed.

At Food Bug Club you’ll find:

    The Food Safety Challenge –

  • Tests and improves children’s understanding of how to store, handle and cook food correctly.
  • Has an intuitive Watch-&-Click video test with scores and feedback provided in real time, enhancing lessons and revision.
  • We want as many year 7-11 students to take part as possible!

MicroTrumps Online

The innovative MicroTrumps cards, developed by Chilled Education, now form the basis of two imaginative online games developed by the University of Manchester.

These games, playable individually or in a group session, help students learn about foodborne microorganisms, the problems that they cause and how the health risks they pose can be reduced.

Food Bug Club has been created with an Impact Accelerator Award from the ESRC, developing research undertaken within the Enigma project